Behind The Brand

Dr. Craig Little & Susie Little

Dr. Craig Little grew up in rural Pittstown, NJ. His lifelong
love of animals lead him to successfully fulfilling his dream of
becoming a Veterinarian. Dr. Little has practiced in Hunterdon
County, NJ for over 40 years on both small and large animals.

Susie Rosania-Little was born and raised in Hunterdon
County and had always wanted a horse since the time she
was born. Susie has loved and cared for animals all her life
and was a member of 4-H for 18 years.

Dr. Little and Susie promise that Enjoy Yums are a great tasting treat,
with only the highest quality of fresh ingredients, that is
backed by professionals whose main concern is your
horse’s and animal’s health and well being.

Our pledge and promise:

Happy horse keeping requires quality foodstuffs. As delicate
as horses are, we’ve never understood why many horse
feeds and treats have a high sugar content or are made from second rate leftovers
from human food processing. We choose only the finest
quality ingredients for all of our products. They can
be more expensive, but we’ve held the line on costs and we
will continue to provide the highest quality ingredients for
the most reasonable cost.

Enjoy Yums are not just for horses!

Enjoy Yums also have been taste tested on our own
personal farm for palatability of other animals, which
include, alpacas, lamas, donkeys, sheep, goats, rabbits,
pigs, dogs and yes, even our emus! We just can’t keep
everybody out of our pockets! Enjoy Yums are easily broken
into small pieces to be enjoyed by smaller animals.

Don't take our word for it!

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Veterinarians caring about your pet's health & well being.

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