Enjoy Yums Horse Treats – Holiday Bags 6oz.


Deck The Stalls with Enjoy Yums  !

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Deck the Stalls!  with our adorable reusable, handcrafted burlap holiday bags. Each bag packed with a 6oz. bag of Enjoy Yums exceptional horse treats.

Horse Enjoy Yums is a delightful little treat that both you and your horse will love. He will be thrilled by the taste, and you will be comforted knowing he's benefiting from Enjoy Yums' premium human-grade ingredients. Plus you will be supporting his nutritional program.

Enjoy Yums are made out of simple, pure foods that horses have been thriving on for centuries. Oats and human-grade rice bran have a naturally sweet nuttiness that horses find irresistible.

Just open the bag and experience the fresh-baked aroma for yourself! Carefully combined, the ingredients are slow- baked to a satisfying crunch. We use low temperature ovens to preserve Enjoy Yums' natural goodness.


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Apple, Carrot, Mint

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Snowflake, Bow


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